Cash Value Insurance

Whole Life Insurance delivers security to thousands of families

There are many things in life out of our control like dips in the economy, unexpected job losses, car break-downs or a leaky roof.

So many things are beyond our control, so its great to know that no matter what happens, you can always rely on your whole life insurance policy from leading companies in the field.

Possessing a whole life insurance policy is one of the most complete ways to present you and your loved ones with absolute peace of mind and financial security in a world where uncertainty is rife.

A whole life insurance policy will accumulate cash for you that you can access during your lifetime with the additional bonus of providing tax free financial protection for your loved ones if something unexpected should happen to you.

Owning whole life insurance will deliver total security to you by:

  • Guaranteeing a death benefit, which your beneficiaries will receive income tax free, irrespective of how long you live
  • Offering premiums that are set in stone from the start, even though you’ll get older and the price of other commodities will fluctuate
  • Accumulating cash value on a tax-deferred basis that you can borrow against throughout your life.

We offer a wide variety of whole life insurance policies to provide a perfect match for your needs and financial situation.


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